Saturday, May 8, 2010

In preparation for celebration

   Road tripping weekend AGAIN this week! We are off to my sister's house today to celebrate Mother's day with my more-or-less brother-in-law's family. Twill be a gala affair, to be sure, especially as we bring treats for Grandma Gracie. We will also be bringing treats for the other mommies that we will see over the weekend (Grandma, Grammy and Auntie). The girls and I were busy being crafty all day Friday, so that we could have loverly gifts to present to all the bestest Mommies in our world! I crafted a new poem (seem to be on a bit of a role) and the girls had paint and stickers flying everywhere.
    I will share one stanza from the poem, but you don't get the whole thing this time I am afraid;

                                                     What images doth render here?
                                                     Bandaids and kisses to take away fear.
                                                     Laughter aplenty to brighten love’s heart.
                                                     Veggies and vitamins to make us smart.
                                                     The many rules for security
                                                     To keep us safe, both you and me.

    I even got my hand into the crafty side of creative as well. I finally got my soap made (with the essence of lily of the valley from the garden), so shall take some along with the other gifts. With the help of the girls, we poured through photos of family to print out. We slathered glue on them and now they decorate a special present for Grandma. As if that was not enough, we even made new signs for the girl's doors sporting their names and whatever else would stick to them. Surprisingly the house did not get too absolutely covered in mac tack, paint, glue, stickers and sequins. Better luck next time, I guess. But for now we sail off to cousins to play with, aunts to giggle with and Grandmas to snuggle with. May all the Mothers in your world feel the love owed them. I am going to deliver mine in person. Happy Saturday.


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