Saturday, April 24, 2010


To have and to hold;
  -you were always mine and true

For better or for worse;
   -lovers spats seemed never to reach "I've had enough". That's got to be better...

For richer or for poorer;
   -never rich, but never poor. You lived life with an eye to our future wealth

In sickness and in health;
   -keeping my end of the bargain cost me much,
         but I would do it again in a heartbeat despite sickness

To love and to cherish from this day forward;
   -so many memories that I hold fast that the word love does not give justice to

Till death do us part.
   -That's where they got it wrong. 
       Death does not part us, aside from in body. 
          Your soul watches over me; I feel its presence eternal.
             Your gifts keep on giving with little hands that grow daily
                 Long, long after we both are no more than dust in the wind 
                    the glow that we formed will still fill the ethers with loving grace

Happy Anniversary to you my dear sweet man. My road it wavers, and yet carries on. Your footprints hover inches above mine and I am blessed. Love eternal to you~


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