Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Sign

   I am tired tonight. It was a reasonably pleasant day, despite T sagging at lunch time. I thought for sure that plans would get cancelled again, but she rallied for the birthday party. Nothing like a group of 2-5 year olds screaming and laughing in a gymnasium to steal the last of your energy, but miraculously super-charging them. Many smiles abounded though, so all is well.
   Now I sit in front of a fire and will it to bring me some warmth. Quiet night in (aren't most nights?) in store. Time for children to retire for the evening, so I can crash too. Be well. Perhaps I will find more wisdom tomorrow. Tonight I have little to offer. As a fellow blogger and I noted, is it worthwhile to write when you have little to say? You tell me. What do you like here and what makes you turn aside? What more could I add? What should I let slide? Looking for some input from all you lovelies out in blogland. Give me a sign!


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