Monday, December 21, 2009

How to schedule in a sick child a few days before Christmas

   So all my complaining this weekend only helped to sour my poor little girl. The countdown is progressing towards an imminent visitor and poor T has been struck down a nasty bug. She is couch bound today, with the  portable DVD player set up for her. It is the only plus for the girls when they are sick. As she couldn't move much farther than the bathroom this am, I am house-bound as well. R never made it out either. Small blessings are nap time.
   There are only a few days left before Christmas. My shopping is nearly complete, but additional items keep jumping into my mind (the babysitter, another bday present for a party tomorrow evening, Christmas groceries). I have lost a day today, so the next 2 days will be even more hectic. Perhaps I should work on wrapping presents, since I cannot go anywhere anyway.  At least we got some more sugar cookies made this morning for Santa to add to the peanut butter balls and fruit morsels we made yesterday. Yes, poor blog, you suffer today, but that is as much as I have time for now.
   Adios from Christmas Dora on the loop!


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