Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good morning

The day has dawned gray. The ground is wet suggesting it rained at some point in the pre-dawn. The girls are scheduled to go on a field trip this morning to go apple picking. It was cancelled last week due to rain. Hard to tell if it will happen today or not. I can think of running around I could do if it does get cancelled. Funny that I have some hope for rain. The lawn is extremely yellow calling, nay fairly screaming to get out and rake. Time is precious this week though. Anon, time for school.

UPDATE: Wellthe trip was cancelled, although it was actually quite pleasant. Guess what! I even got out and raked some leaves!Ha, six bags of them. Plus the bags I raked last week brings the total up to 11 sitting on the curb. Next week is yard waste week and with us going away, I wanted to make a bit of a dent in the front yard. I have to admit, it was much prettier before I raked though. A good meditation.


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