Saturday, October 31, 2009

Changing of the Seasons

The wind has won against the leaves on my tears. Oops, what a wierd slight of hand. I am going to leave it in, despite the homage I was going to pay to trees. It looks so stark with my the yellow swathes gone from the sky outside my window. I really enjoyed being bathed in a vibrant burnt yellow world. The fall sunshine brought incredible contrast with reds and yellows competing in trees  and a backdrop of crisp blue to fill my colour palette. I was in heaven in a rainbow. I soaked it in and pulled power from the sky.

The leaves are gone though. The last straggling few hold on tight to barren branches belying the coming of a wintery world. Oh, sunshine you are so precious as our glowing orb retreats from us. Retreat back into warm burrows as chill gusts take our breath away. Winter has not yet begun, but I can feel it in my bones. As we pull on crazy costumes, I shall tuck mini-mittens on mini-fingers. Goodbye Summer, goodbye Fall. Welcome hibernation to sit by the fire and sip at a glass of shiraz with me. Tuck in my new books, under my toasty throw and say goodnight.


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